Reasons for Installing a Skylight in Your Home

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One house modification that you may be contemplating is installing a skylight. Several benefits are laid out for you below to help you make a decision.


If your home's rooms are small or dark, consider installing a skylight to add a sense of openness and space. Skylights in the ceiling capture direct light from the sky, allowing more light in than a vertical window that captures reflected light from the ground and adjacent objects. Thus, a skylight can allow ample daylight to stream into a previously dark room. Because brighter spaces feel bigger, bringing in more daylight is a strategic way to make rooms seem more spacious without pushing out the walls. A skylight also adds to the airiness of the space by breaking up the rigidity of the ceiling.

Ventilating models

You could install a ventilated skylight that will not only welcome daylight but also help to freshen the air in your home. In the bathroom, an open skylight lets steam waft out of the room to minimise mould and mildew growth. In the kitchen, a skylight allows food odours to escape rather than being trapped inside the home. A skylight can also freshen up your entire home. A skylight may also help to freshen up the atmosphere in your house. If you open a vertical window at a lower level, you'll create a circular flow of air in the vertical window and out of the skylight.


A skylight allows you to solve different problems that you might have. For example, you may reside in a heritage property that is connected to neighbouring houses on the side, limiting the number of vertical windows available. A skylight offers a solution in these situations. A skylight helps to preserve privacy, making it a good option for a bathroom.

Sun Tunnels

If the layout of your roof and house doesn't allow for a skylight, you could consider a sun tunnel instead. These structures have a dome on the roof to capture light. The dome connects to a light-reflective tunnel that winds through your roof cavity before exiting onto the ceiling. As a result, you'll experience this transported diffused light inside. The tunnels can be built in different configurations to suit a diverse range of buildings. With more natural daylight streaming inside, your house will be more energy efficient. You'll be able to rely less on artificial lighting, and you'll save energy.