Why Aluminium Makes The Perfect Border For Glass Doors

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Glass doors are becoming more and more popular with modern homes because they allow an influx of natural light and a vision into your back or front yard. They make your home feel a little bit bigger and a lot more inviting, but choosing the right type of glass door is very important. Perhaps even more important than the glass itself is the frame. After all, this is what will do most of the heavy lifting throughout the lifetime of the door. Here are a few reasons why aluminium glass doors are far superior to anything else that you could choose from.


When sliding or swinging open your glass door, you want to be able to do it with minimum effort. Aluminium is a very light metal that holds its shape well, which makes it perfect for these repetitive motions. It also means that even children and older relatives will be able to open up your doors, despite having a weaker grip strength. If you are wondering just how light they are, then take a trip down to your nearest retailer and check out some of the floor models. You may just be surprised at how sweetly they swing open.


While the inside of your doors should be relatively safe from environmental damage, the outside frame will be subjected to rain, hail and sunshine on a regular basis. Aluminium is famous because of its anti-corrosive nature, which means that it is more incapable of rusting. Other metals and alloys can have their protective coatings worn off pretty quickly and will start to show signs of rust and damage in a couple of years. Aluminium will last practically forever without rusting, and it will take a very long time for it to look as naturally degraded as other metals will in just a few years. 

Cheap And Easy To Mould

Aluminium is one of the easiest metals to find, not just because it is so prevalent on the earth, but because it is also one of the most recycled. That means aluminium prices are almost always set at a very low rate compared to the metal more commonly found in construction, such as steel. Aluminium is also a lot easier to mould into the right frame, which makes it ideal for these large, single-piece constructions that are used in glass doors of all shapes and sizes. It really is the most ideal metal for virtually all door frames, especially glass. 

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