How to Mount Your Sliding Door Hardware on Different Types of Walls

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While there are many universal tips and practices you should follow no matter where you're installing your sliding door system, there are also a few factors to keep in mind that change according to the wall type. Drilling pilot holes and double-checking the hardware's mounting height must be done with any wall, for example, but you'll still need to keep note of the specific instructions required for each type of wall. 

Mounting your door hardware on different types of walls can be difficult if you don't know what can work best for you and what your specific situation is. Read on to find out how hardware installation changes depending on the wall type. 

1. Glass walls

If you make sure to notify your sliding door hardware company that you'll be installing your door on a glass wall, they'll provide the right assembly kits that come with all the hardware you'll need. Just keep in mind that glass wall hardware is usually supplied for thin glass walls as standard. If you have a thicker wall, you'll probably need custom hardware. On top of this, if you're not a DIY specialist, you may want to call one in for the job. Drilling into glass can be risky given how fragile it is, so you need to be knowledgeable about the process before attempting it.

2. Concrete walls

If you're installing your hardware on a concrete wall, then you'll want to mount the hardware to the wall with both screw-in anchors. Concrete mounting kits usually include the screw-ins needed in the right size as well as the anchors needed to fasten the door track to the wall. One key factor to remember is wall thickness. Concrete may seem particularly sturdy, but it's not always as strong as you'd think. If you have a thin concrete wall, it may not be able to hold up a sliding door without cracking. In general, as long as your wall is thicker than the anchors you're supplied, you should be in the clear. 

3. Steel beams

If you're installing on steel beams, then you're going to need an assembly kit that contains appropriately sized bolts. What's important to know when installing the hardware on steel beams is that they must have a solid, slightly thickened structure to hold up sliding doors. You cannot attach the hardware to sheet metal, so you may need to adjust your steel beams before installation if they're very thin.

Reach out to a local window and door company to learn more about installing sliding door hardware.