Reasons to Install Venetian Blinds in Your Home

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Home window coverings perform a range of functions, privacy and sunlight blocking, among others. They also form a decorative feature in a room's decor and thus need to be attractive. One option, Venetian blinds, offer a range of advantages, as explained below.

Lighting Options

The horizontal slat design of these blinds might be simple, but it's also highly functional and versatile, allowing you to adapt the light level to what you desire in a room. You can open the louvres wide for extra sunlight, or set them angled so that you enjoy an outside view while creating some indoor shade. You can also pull the blinds up vertically, leaving the lower window section open and uncluttered.

Suppose that bright morning sunlight is shining directly on the window. From inside, you'll enjoy the bright and sunny day, but the brightness will flow in the lower areas of the room. The rest will be pleasantly shaded so that you can work at your computer, for example, in comfort. 

Allows for a Clear View

With Venetian blinds, you cannot only partially pull them up to only cover the upper parts of a window, but you can also pull them entirely out of the way. Thus, for windows with a view, you can reveal a lovely backyard garden, for example. Other window coverings, such as curtains are more obstructive, and they thus impede the view with fabric, even when pulled to the side. Venetian blinds, though, are ultra-minimalist and discreet.

Colour Variety

These blinds are available in assorted colours allowing you to blend them into the background, to make a statement. To render them discreet and unnoticeable, you could repeat the wall colour. Alternatively, repeat the white trim on the windows, for instance, which will highlight a gorgeous wall hue. Another option is to pick out a neutral colour from other areas, such as the carpet. However, you can also make a decorative statement by installing bright blue or orange, or dark charcoal blinds. Timber blinds will imbue the room with a warm character, or you could go with faux-wood in high humidity rooms.

Long-Lasting and Durable

Venetian blinds are long-lasting and durable. As well as timber, you'll have other options such as aluminium and vinyl. In bathrooms and kitchens, alternative wood options will work best, as timber tends to warp or rot after continual contact with moisture and humidity. If you like the natural wood look, however, you could install faux wood.

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