Factors to Consider When Buying Window Tint for Your Baby's Nursery

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If you have a baby in your home, you know how important it is for them to adhere to the daily naptimes. Unfortunately, with a lot of sunlight flowing into the nursery, it may be hard for your little one to get quality sleep during the day. This is why you should consider investing in window tint. Tint reduces the amount of sunlight entering the room, and this can help promote better sleep and overall wellness. As you shop for the best tint for your nursery, here are three things to consider.

Outline Your Window Tinting Goals

There are various types of window tint or film on the market. Therefore, to get the right one, you need to outline your tinting goals. What do you want the film to achieve in your baby's nursery? Some common goals include the following:

  • Block out light and solar radiation
  • Reduce direct glare on the baby's sleeping area
  • Improve energy efficiency 
  • Increase the privacy of the room

Some standard tint options for nurseries include blackout tint, solar control film, and whiteout film. Blackout film completely blocks out solar radiation and is excellent for creating a dark space for your child to sleep in during the day. Solar control film doesn't blackout the room, but it keeps out glare and radiation. Whiteout film is great for privacy as it prevents people from peeping into the room through the glass. 

Decorative vs. Standard Tint

Would you like decorative or standard tint in your baby's nursery? Decorative tint performs the duty of regular film while adding visual appeal to the room. It is an excellent choice if you don't have any window furnishings in the room and would like to improve its appearance. The various designs range from frosted to textured, perforated, patterned, and architectural film. 

On the other hand, the standard tint does not come with any special effects. This is a good choice if you already have window treatments such as sheers and curtains, but want to block out light from the nursery. 

Permanent vs. Temporary Tint

Before buying tint for your baby's nursery, determine whether you want permanent or temporary film. If you intend to convert the room into a grown-up's bedroom in the future, you may want to go for a temporary tint. This way, you can remove it and re-style the windows. However, if you intend to use the room for your kids, you may want to keep the film and create a suitable space for daytime naps. 

Tinting your baby's nursery can significantly improve daytime sleep. To learn more about window tinting, talk to a professional contractor if you need help choosing and installing the right window tint for the room!