Key Advantages of Double Glazing in Offices

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Double-glazed windows are now the norm throughout the country for all sorts of new buildings, including office blocks. Older offices may still have single glazing fitted, which should be upgraded to twin-paned glass as soon as possible. There are a number of benefits to fitting double glazing in places where people are working, many of them similar to the advantages that domestic double-glazed windows offer in the home environment. What are they and how will fitting double-glazed units improve your office space?

Noise Reduction

One of the key benefits to office workers of double glazing is the amount of noise that it reduces from outside. This means that distractions from the road outside or a nearby production site of the business will be minimised. Members of staff who are in a double-glazed office are more productive and suffer from less stress, especially if their workplace happens to be in a noisy environment, such as close to railway tracks or an airport flight path. Double glazing acts like an audio dampener, which prevents louder sounds from penetrating an office.

Heat Control

All double glazing has a better thermal performance than single glazing. If it is hot outside, then double-glazed windows will help to reduce the amount heat comes in from outside. Strong sunlight can lead to expensive air conditioning costs, with workers constantly altering it to bring down the temperature of the office. With double glazing, it is possible to reduce your energy costs from air conditioning. Furthermore, it will help to lower your energy usage in winter—when the heating is turned on—because the glazing will minimise heat losses through the windows.

Lower Condensation

As any homeowner with recently fitted double glazing can attest, the amount of condensation that is left on the inside of the windows is greatly reduced. Condensation usually forms overnight when airborne water vapour settles on the windows. This is a big problem in offices with electrical equipment like computers because the condensation can saturate windows and then drip down onto them. Because there is less condensation, you also avoid problems like mildew which can negatively impact employees with respiratory problems.

More Secure

New double-glazed window frames are much more secure than old-fashioned, single-framed units. Would-be intruders tend to be put off by tough double-glazed frames made of uPVC or aluminium. Moreover, two panes of glass are much harder to smash through to gain unwarranted entry, so this is another good reason to opt for double glazing.