Reasons to Opt for Double Glazed Doors and Windows for Your Home

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The process of double-glazing your doors and windows is also commonly referred to as insulated glazing. It consists of joining two glass panes in attempt to cut down on both heat loss or gain through your doors. Regular glass doors and windows comprise of one pane of glass and this does not provide much insulation when it comes to heat transfer. As such, you find that your home is hotter in the summer and much colder in the winter. By opting for double-glazed doors and windows, the gap in between the glass panes cuts down on this loss or gain of heat and other issues. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for double glazed doors and windows for your home.

Double Glazing Reduces Ambient Noise Transmission

One of the most common complaints about living in a suburban or city area is having to deal with noise pollution from the outside. This could be in the form of noisy neighbours, heavy traffic, being in close proximity to entertainment amenities, barking dogs and more. With double glazed doors and windows, you effectively reduce on the amount of ambient noise that will make its way into your home. This is a great way of guaranteeing more peace and quiet in your residence.

Double Glazing Cuts Down on Condensation

Condensation will form on your glass doors and windows when moisture meets the cold surface of the glass panes. This may seem like a minor irritant as it obstructs your views of the outdoors, but it also can cause major problems if left undeterred. For instance, continual condensation can pose the risk of damage to your wooden door and windows frames over time. As the moisture trickles down the glass panes on a daily basis, it is absorbed by the wood and this will make it prone to rot and decay. Over time, the condensation can also begin to penetrate your walls, your floor and more. Living with such high moisture levels also puts your home at risk of developing mould over time.

With double glazed doors and windows, you cut down on the amount of condensation forming on your glass panes. The gas contained between the two panes of glass ensures that they remain at room temperature, hence reducing the amount of moisture forming on the surfaces. This greatly reduces the risk of having to deal with water damage down the road and having to pay exorbitant amounts of money in repairs.