To Paint or Not to Paint? Five Reasons You Should Definitely Paint Your Home's Exterior Door

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Painting your home's door is a relatively simple and inexpensive project, but it can make a big impact on your home. Wondering if you should paint your front door and possibly even the rest of your external doors? Then, take a look at these reasons why you definitely should:

1. Paint can refresh old wood doors.

If your exterior doors are wood, after a few decades of use, they may start to crack, buckle or rot due to exposure to the weather. If the damage isn't too extreme, paint can be a great remedy. It seals small cracks, fills tiny holes and give a second act to your old wooden door.

2. Paint can lengthen the lifespan of wood doors.

In addition to making your door feel new again, paint can also lengthen its lifespan. If you buy paint designed for outdoor use, it will essentially seal your door, adding a weather-protecting coating. As a result, your wooden exterior door will likely last longer than it would have without paint.

3. Paint makes a statement.

Although painted doors are becoming more and more popular, most exterior doors are still neutral earth-based colors or traditional colors such as black. When you paint your home's door, you make a statement and add a personal touch to your home. Whether your choose your favourite shade of muted sand or a fiery and bold red, you make a statement about yourself and your taste.

4. Paint improves your entryway

Your entryway if the first thing visitors experience when they come to your home. Do you want them to walk through a bland, unnoticeable door and trip over a pile of shoes, or do you want them to pass through a colourful and inviting door into a charming entryway?

Even passersby who don't pass through your threshold will still notice your beautiful painted door from the street. A painted door really helps to boost your curb appeal, which is essential whether you are selling your home or just trying to impress the neighbours.

5. Paint can help you sell your home faster.

There are many tricks you can use to help your home sell faster, and painting your door is just one of them. Many experts cite new doors as a fabulous home investment while others laud the use of exterior paint in speeding up your home's selling time. Painting your exterior doors expertly melds these two concepts.