Car Window Tinting | Applying Window Films to your Car in 4 Simple Steps

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Car window tinting is a key consideration for most car owners, because it helps to protect your car interiors from the harsh sun during summers, while keeping the space cooler. Car window tinting is a simple job that most car owners can undertake on their own by following these simple steps. You'll want to work on each window screen at a time by repeating the exact same process.

Gather your Materials

You need to get a window tint film, an application solution, a lint-free cloth, warm water, liquid detergent, a knife cutter, a scraping blade, a squeegee and a heat gun. You can purchase most of these supplies from an auto store. Before applying any solution of materials, work in an area that is completely dust-free (perhaps your garage).

Clean the Glass

Make sure your car glass is completely clean and devoid of any debris before applying the window tint –– any scum or marks will prevent the film from sitting on the glass properly and will cause air bubbles. Apply some liquid detergent to the glass windows and use a squeegee to coat it evenly on the entire surface. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to ensure that all soap and scum has been removed. Dry with a lint-free cloth. You may have to repeat this cleaning process a few times to get rid of all the dirt.

Measure and Cut Film Based on your Car Windows

Place the film on the side of your car window and start trimming the film to the approximate size of the windows of your car with a knife cutter. You may want to leave a few extra inches of film to ensure that every part of the car window is properly covered. Use the knife gently as you cut over the glass, since you don't want to damage it.

Spray Application Solution and Apply Window Tint

Spray the glass window generously with the application solution. Once you're done, peel the liner off the film and spray the sticky part of the window film with the same application solution. Place the film onto the glass with the sticky side against the glass and adjust the film properly. With a squeegee, press the tint film into the glass slowly, working from the middle outwards to help the film spread evenly. This procedure also pushes out the excess application solution, which should then be blotted away with a paper towel. Let this dry for a few hours, and your car window tints are ready.

Car window tinting is a simple DIY task, which you can easily undertake on your own by following these easy steps.