DIY Home Improvement | 3 Easy Steps To Replace Broken Glass Windows

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Broken glass windows are unsightly fixtures in any room. Not only do they look unattractive, but they are also a threat to the security of your home. Replacing broken glass on your own is a simple task that will save you time and money –– if you do it right. These steps are designed to help you prepare and replace broken glass windows.

Prepare the Window Area

You'll want to prepare the surface for replacement to ensure that your new windows suitably fit into the frame. Remove all shattered glass from the windowpane and ensure that the entire surface is free of residual glass shards. Once you have removed the glass, be sure to scrape away the old window frame putty with a putty knife or wood chisel for a smooth surface. Remove the glazier framing pins –– these small triangles are fitted into the frame to hold the window securely in place. If your window frame is made of wood, apply a coat of linseed oil to the wooden surface with a paintbrush. This step helps to maximise the lifespan of the putty that holds glass windows in place by preventing evaporation of oil in the putty and speeding up drying time.

Apply Putty on the Window Frame

Once the oil has been evenly applied to the frame, you'll need to apply a thin layer of putty around the frame area where the new glass is being set. Follow the manufacturer instructions for mixing the putty. This base putty layer shouldn't be too thick and should provide a convenient cushion for the glass insertion. This cushioning layer buffers wooden frames and stops air from leaking through the glass windows.

Install Glass Windows

Keep in mind that the replacement glass should be cut to the exact size of the interior of your window frame which is slightly smaller than the area it is meant to fill to accommodate the putty. Hold the glass window in position and use your hand to insert new glazier framing pins on every few inches of the frame to secure the glass pane. Fit them into the wood by using a glazing tool. Once you have fit the glass and installed the glazier pins, apply another layer of putty to firmly secure your glass windows. Once the putty has dried, you can paint it to match your desired colour scheme.

Keep in mind that all materials like putty, glazing tools, putty knives, linseed oil and glazier framing pins can be purchased from a home improvement store for replacing your broken glass windows. If you're not confident of your DIY efforts, be sure to call in professional window installers like Hi Point Windows for an expert job.